Nike DAMN AM Skating Event

Promoting Australia’s largest street skating event.



Promote the Nike DAMN AM Skating event while focussing the spotlight on street skating and the key talents in the industry.

The Results

During the one-month campaign there was significant TV coverage including ABC News, Lateline, Wide World of Sports, Channel 9 news, ESPN and Disney Channel. There were also seven live crosses from Sunrise to the event, where Nike skaters were interviewed, Nike signage featured on TV, Nike was mentioned and the Nike DAMN AM event heavily promoted.

Publicity also included three stories in the Manly Daily, ABC online (which has 3 million likes on Facebook), ABC Grandstand, ABC radio Melbourne and ABC radio Gold Coast.

In addition, media coverage was secured for Olympic snowboarder Jarryd Hughes (who helped coach one of the skateboarders for the Damn AM) about his preparations ahead of the Winter Olympics.

TV & Video Spots

Print Media & Featured Publications