Launch of safe-driving app UbiCar


Launch of safe-driving app UbiCar, creating brand awareness and getting people to download the app.

The Results

PR has been a driving force in achieving credibility and social proof with the public, leading to company growth.

UbiCar received spikes after each television, radio and online news story that In The Media PR secured. One story on Sunrise, saw major downloads of the app – around 1000 people in 24 hours. Another story, on Channel 7 News, saw a similar number, contributing greatly to growing the business.

Within six months In The Media PR secured 360 media items including three front page newspaper stories, regular national television appearances, radio, online and magazines. During this time an audience of almost 4 million was reached.

The continuing media coverage has been the driving force behind the increased downloads of the new app – 21,000 downloads within six months.

TV & Video Spots

Print Media & Featured Publications