Tips on Using Radio to Get Publicity and Boost Business

My favourite story of utilising radio to get mass publicity is when Exodus Wear designed a customised baseball jacket for a local radio show to give to Justin Bieber when they had him in studio some years ago.

Tips on Using Radio to Get Publicity and Boost Business

Exodus Wear picked up the phone, asked the producers of the show if they wanted to collaborate on a jacket. They said yes. A jacket was made and presented to Justin Bieber live on air and naturally he put it on straight away. Lots of photos were taken and they spread across social media like wild fire.

Exodus Wear effectively got Justin Bieber’s endorsement of their customised jackets without it costing them a cent.

You can do the same. Keep an ear out for when celebrities that fit your brand are going to be interviewed on local radio and contact producers to gauge their interest.

The same can be done with TV show producers also.

Another trick in radio is to ring the newsroom (after emailing your media release or story pitch) in the early evening, offering to give news grabs for the following morning. It’s no secret breakfast radio news is light on for audio in the 5, 5-30, 6 and 6-30 am bulletins which is why newsrooms will welcome your call the night before, if they are interested in your story. It also means you will get a sleep in too with the interview already done.

Jumping on a news story is a great way to get additional media coverage and one of the fastest ways is through radio. As soon as a story breaks that is relevant to you, and your expert opinion can move the story forward, you’ll be on talk back shows before you know it. Often other media outlets will be listening so don’t be surprised if they run with your story angle and chase you for comment rather than you having to chase the media.

Radio is a great medium to drive traffic to your website and boost business because while you are on air you are talking directly with potential customers and connecting with them. You can also give out your website and contact numbers during the interview – there is no hoping a journalist will do it for you because you have the microphone.

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